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Restaurant people are big dreamers.

They enter a highly-competitive business because they have an affinity for food, enjoy bringing people together, or see the industry as a road to riches.

Whatever the reason,
they are propelled by a vision.
The Mission of Scott Barnett & Associates
To assist restaurant groups of all sizes to economically, measurably and effectively achieve success as they define it.
Scott Barnett on Bloomberg
From Movie to Restaurant:
The Bubba Gump Story

Scott Barnett, founding CEO of Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Restaurants, discusses the restaurant's founding and success. He speaks with Bloomberg's Matt Miller and Scarlet Fu on "Bloomberg Markets." (Source: Bloomberg)
Scott leads a world-wide network of industry veterans with whom he has developed relationships during his 30-plus years in the restaurant industry. A line cook turned restaurant manager turned Bubba Gump Shrimp Company CEO, Scott has done it all in the restaurant business. He knows there is always something restaurateurs do not see or understand about their organization. Scott hones in on these overlooked aspects, shoring up strengths, converting deficiencies into wins, and guiding restaurants of all sizes towards operational and financial success.
Industry Insider &
Rule-Breaking CEO

Scott in Spain working on another
international franchise unit.

Industry Insider & Rule-Breaking CEO

Scott in Spain working on another international franchise unit.
Why Restaurant Consulting?
Restaurant success stories are David & Goliath tales.

Restaurants face tough odds of long or even short term profitability. The business owner that keeps their restaurant turning a profit earns the right to feel like a giant slayer.

Most restaurants, at some point during their life cycle, could use a boost from a restaurant industry insider with a discerning eye for the business. Whether it is an an organization eyeing international expansion, an existing restaurant that needs operational improvements, or a startup that needs brand development assistance, Scott identifies areas of improvement and develops methodical, objective-oriented strategies.
Scott leverages his years as a restaurant staffer, C-level international restaurant executive, and private equity advisor to deliver dynamic performance enhancement to clients.
Who We Serve
Using our expertise to take you to the top.
Leadership vs Management
Presented by Scott at Eller College of Management at The University of Arizona
Talk to Scott about how he can help you improve your restaurant's efficiency.
COVID Response: It's never been tougher to own a restaurant. Smart COVID response techniques include a fluid approach to staffing, menu simplification and Landlord and Lender relations. Learn More
Offering a full suite of
unique restaurant consulting services.
International Expansion Strategies
Country by country concept feasibility report
Targeted market analysis
Identify and qualify franchisees or licensees
Comprehensive due diligence of potential partners
Review international franchising documents
Potential joint venture arrangements
Investment Services
ROI analysis
Medium and long term concept feasibility
Revenue and profit forecasting
Comprehensive due diligence on potential investments
Business plan creation
Unit economics analysis
Operational Improvements
Menu development and pricing
Inventory management
Financing and cash flow
Employee selection and training
Vendor relations
Bar and beverage engineering
Point of sale improvements
Equipment selection
Marketing synergy
Trend analysis
Branding Development & Refinement
Identify brand consistency improvements
Brand redevelopment strategy
Develop brand repositioning success metrics
Conduct quantitative and qualitative market research
Blogging Insight from an Industry Leader
Respected Within the Industry
"I remember that Scott has the qualities so important for success- character in knowing what to do right and the courage to do it. A true inspiration to the hospitality industry."

Ted J. Balestreri
Former President
National Restaurant Association
Chairman & CEO
Cannery Row Co.
"I am proud to recommend Scott Barnett. He tells it like it really is, with the bark on. That is what our team liked in particular."

Doug Cavanaugh
Ruby's Diner
Scott in the Media Spotlight
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