Optimizing International
Growth Execution
"What is in your franchise agreement is not nearly as important as who you make that agreement with."
International restaurant expansion means taking all of the challenges of opening a new restaurant and then adding on cultural differences, supply chain inconsistencies, labor issues, forecast revision, emerging market analyses, unfamiliar laws and codes, and more.

It is no easy feat, but for the enterprising restaurateur, opening a unit in another country is the cherry on the proverbial sundae. It's the much-anticipated prize after years of learning the ins and outs of the restaurant business.

You can check off a list of items required for international restaurant expansion success, but then there are pitfalls that only experience can teach you. Scott has plenty of hands-on international growth experience, having structured dozens of international deals in Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and Europe.
Leveraging his domestic success as the CEO of Bubba Gump Shrimp Company, Scott oversaw company expansion first into Mexico and Japan, and then into Hong Kong, Bali, Philippines, the Middle East and beyond.
Scott provides critical market selection insight, providing a country by country analysis of concept feasibility. He also puts a premium on choosing trustworthy franchisees and has a reliable network of international associates. He offers comprehensive due diligence identifying and reviewing potential partners. To ensure optimal performance at a new foreign unit, he can provide operational oversight protocols and compliance audits.

In short, he can perform a full spectrum of development and operations consulting services for established U.S. brands and single operators looking to expand into foreign markets. He also works the other side of franchising relationships, helping overseas brands establish a presence in the U.S.

Scott can guide your project into a new market with these and other related international expansion services:

Country by country concept feasibility report
Identify and qualify franchisees or licensees
Comprehensive due diligence of potential partners
Targeted market analysis for organizations entering the U.S. market
Operational oversight and compliance audits
Review international franchising documents
Potential joint venture arrangements
Emerging market analysis for US organizations expanding abroad
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