Aligning Multiple Unit Operators
"Brand concept revitalization methods that align with industry trends
are easy to recognize, but hard to properly apply."
A multiple unit restaurant operator faces the constant challenge of staying profitable across all of their locations. When multi-unit restaurant management is not tight, operations can feel like a game of whack-a-mole, squashing problems in one place, only to have another problem arise at a different location.

Optimal and consistent operational structuring across all locations is a must for multiple unit operators. While this is often the intent of management, it can easily fail in practice. In instances where employee selection and training is in keeping with company-wide protocols, there may be outside factors that are weighing down operations at a particular location. Site issues, bar engineering, or menu pricing are common culprits. Like any operations issue, management may not be able to identify the problems because they are too close to them.

That's where the outside perspective of a proven restaurant consultant are valuable.

Having orchestrated the growth of Bubba Gump Shrimp Company into an international organization of 40 units, Scott can advise on optimizing operations and concept positioning for multiple unit operators.
Scott can provide critical insight into what is working and not across restaurant locations, taking into account revenue performance, menu pricing and service synergy.

A respected brand concept expert, he can also help you hone your brand for improved consistency and customer impact. He can guide multiple unit operators towards branding changes that take into account emerging trends and align all locations to perform at expectations.

His full service restaurant consulting services include:
Identify brand consistency improvements
Brand redevelopment strategy
Develop brand repositioning success metrics
Conduct quantitative and qualitative market research
Comprehensive business plan
Establish consistent employee training protocols
Bar and beverage engineering
Point of sale improvements
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