Amplifying Existing Restaurants
"Successful restaurant operations combine the art of pleasing people
with the science of making money."
Restaurant owners and operators are dynamic entrepreneurs. To succeed, they need top-notch business acumen. They also need to be "people people," leading staff and cultivating lasting relationships with customers. On top of this, restaurateurs must stay ahead of ever-changing industry trends to survive.

A restaurant owner has to keep their eyes on all of these spinning plates or operations become unbalanced. Invariably, issues that arise in one area spill into other areas of the business.

Scott has a sharp eye for areas of improvement & a methodical approach to turning around restaurants to become profitable.

Having served in all aspect of the restaurant business for decades, from busboy at a local restaurant to CEO of the internationally-recognized Bubba Gump Shrimp Company, Scott's seen it all. Coming up in the industry, he witnessed many mismanaged restaurants. Learning from these mistakes, he faced and overcome virtually every restaurant pitfall as upper level management - from site problems and labor issues to pricing miscalculations and convoluted investor relations.

One operational problem he encounters time and again, and is often overlooked by management who are too close to the issue to see it entirely, is unnecessary complexity. He has learned that it is the enemy of execution in the food businesses. Restaurant operations in crisis often need to stop and get back to basics: "Serve hot food hot, and cold food cold. Provide efficient service with a smile."

In addition to his surgical approach to operations assessments, Scott is an industry ringer for brand revitalization. Sometimes the approach is evolutionary - or making tweaks to the brand - and other times it is revolutionary - or rethinking the entire brand approach to keep up with emerging trends.

With a discerning eye for the business, Scott and his team can quickly identify sources of problems and provide common sense solutions. He works with all types of restaurants, from single operators to blue chip international brands. His services include all aspects of restaurant operations, such as:

Menu development and pricing
Inventory management
Financing and cash flow
Employee selection and training
Vendor relations
Bar and beverage engineering
Point of sale improvements
Equipment selection
Marketing synergy
Trend analysis
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