Maximizing Relationships
with Investors
"The golden rule is he who has the gold makes the rules."
Regardless of the specifics, investors acquire restaurants or an interest in them for financial gain. A common problem for restaurant investors that sometimes undermines their position and ability to profit is their lack of firsthand experience in restaurant imperatives. And yet it is often the investors calling the shots for a restaurant, sometimes to the detriment of the investment.

Backed with over 40 years in restaurant operations, management and investment, Scott has the knowledge base to transform restaurant investments into financial wins. In addition to his decades in the restaurant business, he has also worked the other side of the restaurant investments coin serving as a partner at a Hong Kong-based private equity firm. He can quickly identify operational or financial challenges and and aid in the development of strategies that accelerate a proper return on investment.
Pulling from his experiences as CEO of Bubba Gump Shrimp Company, and then as a private equity advisor, Scott has structured dozens of transactions as a consultant, including financings, recapitalizations, restructurings and sales.
Working with top international hedge funds, private equity and family offices, Scott can assist in the spectrum of financial investments, including new lines of business, purchases of debt or equity, or restaurant sales.

Among the investor services he can provide are:
ROI analysis
Medium and long term concept feasibility
Revenue and profit forecasting
Comprehensive due diligence on potential investments
Business plan creation
Unit economics analysis
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